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cbc bizzy praying

My friend and fellow artist have been looking for a studio for a few years.

We always walked past a very well established studio workshop saying to each other "wouldn't it be nice to have a studio in there." Perfect location for us as we lived minutes away from the location.

Last year God answered our prayers in the most wonderful and unexpected way.

We now share a studio there. Thanks be to Almighty God

cbc bizzy praying

I thought you might be encouraged by a story involving Sadie and myself here on holiday in Rhodes in Greece.

I saw a Russian swimming in the sea and when he came out of the water I said, "did you see any fish?", because I hadn't been in the sea yet. He replied/mimed, "No- I've lost my wedding ring in the sea."

He was here on his honeymoon having only been married three days ago.So I said to Sadie let's pray together that I can find his wedding ring and I'll then be able to tell him that God helped me find his wedding ring.

After a while in the water with Lukes child snorkel kit squashing my face with a space vacuum Vulcan grip, God helped me find his beautiful wedding ring on the sea bed, under a rock as well. There was sand, many rocks, seaweed, a current- I have no doubt in my mind of this mini miracle.

As I came up out of the water I grabbed his hand and placed the ring inside whilst grinning stupidly - then I started to thump his arm (adrenalin/bravada etc!). I saw he had Jesus on a crucifix around his neck that i hadnt seen before. So I pointed to this and had, through broken/pausey English a moment to express to him, that without doubt, Jesus had helped me find his wedding ring.

That afternoon, on the beautiful lawns of the luxury hotel with fantastic views of the Mediterranean, he and his wife, along with 18 other Russian couples all repeated their vows and put on their wedding rings in front of each other.

cbc bizzy praying

I look back in amazement to the first prayer I ever prayed. As a young woman I worked in a high street bank, a job I was clearly not suited to. However, at the time I could not decide what other options to pursue.

After 2 years of increasing frustration and with no further progress in making a career choice, the thought came to me that I should pray.

I knelt by my bed and prayed a faltering prayer, my first. The response was electric! I heard a voice clearly say, 'You are to be a nurse.'

Within a month I began my training for a career I would never have considered. Not only was it totally right for me, but that one prayer led me on a journey to making my best decision ever, to commit my life in faith to Jesus Christ. He has never let me down.

cbc bizzy praying

Returning from work, I had a strong impression that I should visit my elderly neighbour. I pushed this aside to prepare the evening meal, but felt uncomfortable and the impression did not go away. Eventually I bowed to the compulsion and walked round to her house.

She had fallen in her kitchen and was in great pain through bruising to her arm. 'I didn't know what to do,' she said. 'I just prayed that someone would come!'

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