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Petra Institute for Children's Ministry

  • - Petra Institute for Chldren's Ministry is a Christian social change charity, Reg no 1159006
 - We share God's desire that lost and broken children are found and restored to healing families and Christian communities
 - Through our hands on, experience based training techniques we build capacity for children's ministry.
 - We train trainers  to train leaders and facilitators, who then train many more others to work in children's minstry. 
- We partner with Petra Institute for Children's Ministry in South Africa, a non-profit organisation which has existed for 26 years and which works in 73 countries around the world and now in the UK.
- It is our hope that Petra Institute and its children’s ministry work will play its part in making sure the next generation show tolerance and respect to others in their own local congregations and communities, and integrate these attitudes with their Christian identity. 
If you work with a Christian children's organisation, church or group, and would like to find out more about how our training could help you enhance your children's ministry, we welcome all enquiries. 

Keywords: building Christian relationships, children's ministry, social change charity, training in children's ministry, training trainers


Horslow Street
United Kingdom SG19 2NX

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Cheryl Grunwald, Canada, trained mentor of Petra Institue for Children's Ministry, who works as the International Training Director of Kidzana, in Canada was asked to use Petra's training at a seminary in Cameroon, West Africa. Petra's mentors use Petra's training material and methods wherever they train.  She tells of how one pastor's heart was changed:
“I was asked to teach a very intensive training course to final year theological students at a seminary in Cameroon. Whenever I work with pastors, I am always a little bit nervous because they have many thoughts about the church and children do not factor very high in that....On the last day of the Petra course, heconfessed and said that he thought that children could not understand spiritual things, and maybe only when they are 16, 17 years old. His perspective on children has changed so much during the course that he realizes that the children in his church do understand spiritual things. He also said “You changed my life. My ministry will never be the same again.” 


Dirk Coetsee, Managing Director of Petra Institute for Children's Ministry in South Africa, works as a full time volunteer, and is one of Petra's highly experienced and qualified trainers. He said: 

"Why do we do it? The answer is quite simple: Because we wholeheartedly believe in the importance of our ministry and in the God who gave us the mandate for this work. We see the impact it is making and regularly hear people testify of the value we are directly and indirectly adding to the lives of children, families and communities. We enjoy entering into relationships of growth and mutual care with people from all ages and strata in society. We see people becoming empowered to really change the lives of generations and to train others to do the same. "

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